The Opportunity Door

“If opportunity doesn’t knock – build a door.”

Milton Berle


Responsibility is detachable.  You don’t have to wait for others.  Be and do what you want to become.

Sometimes it helps to think through difficult or complex situations when we attach a struggle to an object or an idea that isn’t as personal.  Using Mr. Berle’s quote, let’s have some fun and focus on a door.  It’s your door.  It‘s your way to opportunity – to a life well lived.  Use these questions and others you may think of to define the opportunity that you have yet to seize.  

Close your eyes. Paint a robust picture by engaging ALL your senses.  Now…start building Your Opportunity Door.

  • Does the door bang shut or does it softly close?

  • Do you have a doorbell? If so, what sound does it play?

  • Do you have a doorknocker or do you use your knuckles to be welcomed in?

  • Is your door wood or metal?

  • Is it a simple style or ornately designed?

  • Is the color simple and understated or bright and bold?

  • Does it have a window or is it a solid piece with no way to see out or in?

  • Is someone knocking, trying to get your attention?

  • Is it tucked into a porch?

  • Is it closed, wide open, or propped open?

  • Is it more of a way out vs. a way in?

  • Are you slamming the door or gently closing it?

  • Is the opening small or is the door thrown wide open?

  • What surrounds the door – lights, flowers, a welcome mat?

  • How do you feel when you enter through your door?

  • Is the door attached to an older home – one well lived in with lots of memories or a new home – waiting to create memories

  • Does it face the sun or is it in shade?

  • Do you have to jiggle the handle to open it, or does it open with a simple twist of the handle?

Using your answers, you can better determine what you seek and what might be holding you back. Reflect on your answers.  Dig deeper into their personal meaning.  Relax, explore and continue to use your senses. Enjoy the process.  Breathe.  Let your door open to possibilities.