Organizational Health Coaching & Consulting

…in partnership with the Team Clock Institute and the Center for Team Excellence

The Leadership Design Alliance supports organizations in building trusting cultures that leverage assets, propel a shared vision and focus forward, and ensure decisions that are rooted in the organization’s purpose.



At the Leadership Design Alliance, we believe in upside-down-inside-out leadership™. The inside-out-upside–down commitment to leadership identifies leaders at all levels of the organization who – if empowered – can contribute to a culture of inclusiveness.  Leaders grounded throughout the organization ensure employees, clients, and community perspectives are heard and ensure the day-to-day engagement in a shared vision. Great organizations identify and develop leaders in all areas who understand their purpose, focus, flow, and perspective.

Purpose:  What drives you and your organization?
Focus:  How do you stay upright and steady?
Flow:  What energizes you, your teams, and your clients?
Perspective:  How do you see yourself and your organization in the world?


Our services are tailored to support our clients and include:

  • Team Clock Institute Assessment

  • Onsite Team Effectiveness Training

  • Action Plan Facilitation

  • Leadership Workshops & Team Coaching

  • Strategic Design Thinking

  • Succession Planning